What We offer

Our Company strives to achieve three goals and objectives:

  1. PROFESSIONALISM: We dedicate our 30 years of experience and our qualified training to addressing all your concerns. In order to give you appropriate advice and to offer you our experience to meet your requirements. To defend your interests, because our goal is not to act on behalf of the various Companies we work with,  but instead to represent you; therefore we must at all times strive to provide you with the best possible solution in order to protect your interests.

  2. PERSONALISED ATTENTION. Not all Companies are the same. Not all individuals have the same interests and needs. We are here to listen to you and, after analysing your request, we will offer you the ideal solution to address your concerns.

  3. SERVICE: All our efforts when issuing policies, attending to claims and performing administrative tasks (collections, banks, etc.) must be dedicated entirely to you. Our maxim is to ensure that you are satisfied with the way we handle your affairs. You must feel that you are properly supported and advised by our entire team. You need to be satisfied that you are adequately represented in any conflict or disagreement with Adjusters, workshops, repair companies and the Insurance Companies themselves. You should never feel alone when dealing with them.